There’s more at the museum

Museum London’s new campaign infused art into the community, inviting the city back in for more.


How can a bricks-and-mortar arts organizations stay relevant in an increasingly media-saturated world? Hot off a strategic planning process, Museum London faced the double challenge of declining visitors and donations.

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The most likely museum guests are those who already participate in the arts (Art Attendance in Canada). With 75% of Canadians reporting they’d “rather stay home” than visit a museum, theatre or gallery, our challenge was to convince them that art could be interesting, approachable and accessible for everyone.

Bold idea

Looking to increase awareness and drive foot traffic, our solution was to create a multi-channel, multi-year marketing strategy that brought art out into the community. The campaign identity “There’s More at the Museum,” included a logo, tagline, colour palette inspired by “Car” and brand guidelines that work in tandem with the Museum London brand.

The iconic painting “Car” by internationally renowned and well-loved local artist Greg Curnoe was our hook. The vibrant colours and arresting shape informed every aspect of the campaign, from 2D outdoor billboards and a full bus back to internal signage, digital and print advertising.

Big results

  • In 2014, box office donations increased by 56% from 2013 and museum visits increased by 17%
  • Londoners saw the billboards 14,700 every day for eight weeks and the bus a total of 6,261,890 times
  • Museum staff and donors agreed that the new campaign helped to re-define the Museum as fun, exciting and inclusive.

There’s More at the Museum won an IABC Virtuoso Award of Excellence and was a finalist for “Best of the Best”.