A healthy increase in awareness

Using individuals that the community cares about, we captured patient stories that resulted in
viral video.


Fort McMurray and the greater Wood Buffalo Municipality has a unique population with very different marketing and health care needs than Ontario. We put a spin on our traditional marketing model and targeted their online public awareness campaign to appeal to their young, wealthy, secluded and primarily blue-collar demographic.


With the rapid increase in population due to the Alberta oil sands boom, residents of Wood Buffalo have traditionally travelled to Edmonton for health care. Through focus group testing, we determined there was a lack of awareness of the Foundation’s role and the services that they help make available. They needed to generate awareness of select core services including maternity, cancer clinic, spinal surgery and Empathy for the Aging programs. With approximately 63% of the demographic being within childbearing age, maternal health was a hot topic worthy to kick off their public awareness campaign this December.

Bold idea

As the Foundation celebrates it’s 30th anniversary and embarks on the most ambitious capital campaign in its history, the timing to increase public awareness was opportune. Using a combination of print posters, web banners, Facebook advertisements and YouTube Pre-roll videos, the goal was to leverage the influence of notable individuals from the Wood Buffalo community who have accessed services that the Foundation has funded.

Big results

After only seven weeks, we have witnessed incredible results and engagement from the members of the Wood Buffalo community.